From the aerial theatrics of LeBron James and Blake Griffin to the sweet passing of Rajon Rondo to the dominant shooting performances of Kobe Bryant, the NBA is often the most entertaining league to watch. However, when you flip on a game involving All-Star forward Tim Duncan—who happens to be celebrating his 36th birthday today—you cannot help but feel a little empty inside. You know there won't be an abundance of amazing dunks or highlight reel plays, but what you will see is how the game should be played.

To commemorate "Mr. Fundamental" on his big day, we've put together a list of the best players (multiple All-Star selections only) to ever play the game who nonetheless put us to sleep on the reg. You know, the ballers that give artist Bob Ross a run for his money in the "inability to view for too long" category. From the Karl Malone's pick-and-roll somnambulance to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's undefendable (and boring) sky hook, these are The 10 Greatest Boring Players in NBA History.