Typically, TV news crews cover news that has already happened; they're not a part of the news themselves. But on Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, the Channel 2 Action News team found themselves right in the middle of a very bizarre car accident story—and they had their cameras rolling to capture all of it.

Reporter Liz Artz called 911 on Saturday afternoon after her and her news crew noticed a pickup truck parked in the middle of a lane on the Buford Connector in Atlanta. The driver of the truck was slumped over in the front seat drooling on himself and seemingly incoherent. But when someone from Georgia's Highway Emergency Response Operator unit responded a few minutes later, the driver of the truck suddenly sat up, put the truck into drive, and sped off. However, less than a mile up the road, he plowed into several cars and caused a five-car accident. And when he realized what he had done, he jumped out of his truck, scaled a barbed-wire fence that runs alongside the Buford Connector, and ran away before police arrived. It was a bizarre scene, to say the least.

Channel 2 Action News was there to capture everything that took place, and their cameraman never stopped filming. So in the video above, you can actually see everything that we just described above. Check out the video to see what the news crew that was on the scene the entire time saw. How crazy was this?!

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[via Mediaite]