The Texans were absolutely awful yesterday. They lost to the Rams—the RAMS!—38-13 at home and pretty much cemented the fact that they are not going to have a good season this year. And in addition to the loss, the Texans also lost their starting quarterback Matt Schaub to a right ankle injury during the third quarter of the game.

Texans fans weren't all that broken up about it, though. According to reports (the game was well out of reach when Schaub went down, so it wasn't flashing across our Red Zone screen every two minutes), some Texans fans actually cheered when Schaub went down. That's not necessarily surprising when you consider what reportedly happened to Schaub last week. But it didn't sit well with both Texans and Rams players, who were pretty pissed off about all the cheering that took place when Schaub went down.

"It just shows no class," Texans receiver Andre Johnson said. "It wasn't all the fans. But those are the same people that you're out somewhere with your family and you tell them they can't have an autograph right now, those are the same people that tell you you're rude…You don't cheer about nobody getting hurt—I don't care who it is."

"For the fans that cheered when he got hurt, that's disgusting," Texans left tackle Duane Brown added. "You can feel how you want about him as a player, but this is his livelihood…When a man goes down and he's not able to get up and you're cheering, that's bad."

Rams defensive end Chris Long, who caused Schaub to sustain an ankle injury by sacking him, was upset about the cheering, too.

We agree with all three of those players and echo the sentiment. Booing a guy when he's playing poorly is a part of the game. But cheering—cheering—when he gets hurt? That's just wrong. We know it wasn't all Texans fans doing it. But the ones who did just made an entire NFL fan base look bad.

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[via Shutdown Corner]