Turning up is sort of the thing nowadays. But think about it, though. Do you have any idea how bad things would get if people turn't up as much as they'd claim? New York clubs would be set ablaze. Breaking Bad would never get to its final episode because everybody is out turning up, resulting in low ratings and an early cancellation. Drake would risk flopping as an artist because everybody would be too turn't up to be in touch with their inner emotions.

Thankfully, none of those predictions came to pass because turning up all the time is impossible. People have responsibilties and common sense—or so we'd like to think. Plus, a majority of civilians don't make millions, so being turn't up would be financially possible. These 20 athletes go hard enough to account for the rest of us, but even if it upsets the balance of things, we'd still like to join them for at least on weekend. Here are the 20 Athletes We'd Like to Get Turn't Up With.

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