LeBron James livened up Friday night for quite a few when he decided to host a Twitter Q&A session. The announcement was pretty random—especially since it came on a Friday night—but one can't complain when some time with the King is promised. 

James began by tweeting: "It's been awhile since I've done this, so let's go. Q & A for 15 mins. Starting now. GO." That 15 minutes extended to about an hour as the reigning champion took in a wide variety of questions. Was he indulging in the attention? It at least doesn't seem that way as his answers were direct and pretty entertaining. It also was pretty educational. James didn't give information you can use if you're in dire straits though, but they're nice to know. For example, did you know James would like to play one NFL game before he calls it quits? No? Then that's all the more reason to check out What We Learned From LeBron James' Twitter Q&A.

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