Kobe Bryant must be in pain right now. Because according to reports coming out of Los Angeles, Kobe has made a trip to Germany just like he did back in 2011 to have some kind of "undisclosed medical procedure" done. It apparently has nothing to do with the Achilles injury that he suffered at the end of last season. But the last time he went to Germany, his buddy Alex Rodriguez came out and said that Kobe was on the brink of retirement and needed to have some radical knee procedure done to try and get himself back on the court.

So what gives here? Is Kobe's career in serious jeopardy—or is he just taking a precautionary measure to get back onto the court sooner? We'll have to wait and see. But if he comes back running all over the place next week, you can expect more than a few NBA players to start going to Germany in the near future.


It sounds like Kobe's right knee is the issue right now:

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[via Dave McMenamin]

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