Earlier this week, someone called former NFL head coach Tony Dungy and offered him the head coaching position with the USC football team. The only problem? That person was not affiliated with the Trojans in any way. So when Dungy went on a radio show a short time later and talked about turning down USC, it was news to the school since they hadn't actually reached out to Dungy.

So who did reach out to him? As it turns out, it was a guy named Kenny Tarr, who has also called a number of other sports coaches over the course of the last couple of weeks to talk to them about positions with other teams. For example, he got in touch with Mark Jackson and asked him if he would be interested in taking a job with the Lakers at some point in the near future. Likewise, he called up Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and asked if he would be interested in coaching the University of Texas football team next season. In that particular instance, he got Whisenhunt to express interest in the position. Tarr copped to all of this during an interview with Deadspin and even recorded all of the conversations he had with the coaches in order to prove himself.

So why in the world does he do this? He says that he does it to expose the BS that's present in modern-day sports. But towards the end of his interview with Deadspin, he also inquired about possibly getting a job with them. So we're not 100 percent sure what Tarr's real goal was here. But something just doesn't feel right about it.

To read more about Tarr and the other coaches that he has contacted, peep Deadspin's interview with him over here.

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