Kobe Bryant doesn't give a shit (or so he says) about Dwight Howard leaving, but for some reason Lakers legends seem to care a lot. This summer Shaquille O'Neal got at Howard for tough love purposes, and more recently Kareem Abdul-Jabbar threw shade at Howard on Facebook and on ESPN, where he criticized his basketball IQ"Dwight's basketball IQ is not up to speed for him to be a dominant player," he said.

But contrary to Abdul-Jabbar's belief, as well as probably many others, Howard isn't stupid according to Howard himself. To back up his retort, Howard said he had the credentials to prove it.

"You can't win three Defensive Player of the Year trophies and be stupid. That can't be done," he said. "And I don't think any coach that has ever coached me has said I have a low IQ for basketball."

Good point. Abdul-Jabbar does have six championships under his belt so his words do have weight, but in terms of basketball IQ, three consecutive Defensive Player of the Year awards aren't anything to scoff at.

Howard also went on to say, "One thing I would say is that he is old enough to where whatever I do shouldn't even matter. He is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. If I'm Kareem, I'm like why? Four championships, five championships, whatever. I've been in Airplane and done movies with Bruce Lee. I am not worried about the young whippersnapper."  Fair enough. Howard does have a Milk ad, so he's kind of on his way regardless, right?

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[via ESPN]

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