What are two major questions surrounding Kobe Bryant going into the season? One is obviously when is he going to be able to return from his Achilles injury. The other: How badly and how often is he going to try to violate Dwight Howard when the Lakers play against the Rockets on Nov. 7? Does he have hard feelings toward Howard?

Well, we got an answer during the Lakers' media day today:

Pretty understandable answer since Bryant does have his Achilles to worry about and a little thing called retirement on the horizon.

It is a bit sad though, because it at least looked like Bryant actually cared about Howard at one point:

  • Bryant was apparently teaching Howard how to be a man, according to Howard. We guess one sonning wasn't enough.
  • Bryant reportedly gave Howard a really intense speech as part of the Lakers' pitch to keep Howard in Los Angeles. Obviously, the allure of the Kobe System wasn't enough. 
  • Black Mamba's bucket of shits to give ran out as soon as it was announced Howard was headed to Houston. He unfollowed Superman on Twitter, but he did wish Howard the best in a tweet.

Despite Bryant's comment, of course there's going to be a considerable amount of hype when he meets Howard on the court. Whether not giving a shit means not caring about trying to get another poster on Howard or not having any regard for Howard's feelings as Bryant attempts to dominate his team remains to be seen.

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[via Sean Deveney]

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