It's been a long time—a really, really long time—since we've done a post about Andrew Bynum playing basketball. We've done a lot of posts about him over the course of the last two years. But by our count, our last 29 posts about Bynum have been about everything except him playing basketball. We've written about him walking through the mall with a gigantic stuffed animal. We've written about him chilling at a bar in slippers. And, of course, we've written about his hair. But basketball? Nah, son.

So with that in mind, we're thrilled to finally have some basketball-related news about Bynum to share! According to a league source, Bynum is back down to his "game weight" right now and has started to take part in Cavaliers practices on a limited basis. He's mostly playing in games of 3-on-3 with his teammates. But the thought is that he could be back to playing in full-contact games of 5-on-5 very soon, which would put him on track to play for the Cavs sometime at the start of the 2013-14 NBA season. At least, that's the hope in Cleveland.

That's the hope here, too. As much as we've enjoyed watching the evolution of Bynum's hair, we would much rather talk about his basketball career right now. So we hope to see him back on the court very soon.

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[via Eye on Basketball]