Maaaaaaan…this can't be life.

Well, let us rephrase that. It can't be life for us. We have, you know, jobs and responsibilities and bills to pay and blah, blah, blah. It sucks. But, Andrew Bynum has none of those things. Well, check that. He does have a job. But, he can't perform it because he's injured right now. He still gets paid, though—and gets paid really well—so his life is kinda crazy. As an example, just click through the thumbs to see what he did on Tuesday.

According to some Instagram photos that popped up earlier this week, he hit up a bar in Philly on Tuesday in a pair of slippers with no socks (no lie). Then, he headed over to the Penthouse Club to "see an old friend" as one bartender put it (uh, yeah…right). And then…well, we don't know exactly. But, if we had to guess? He went home, decided it was a little bit chilly in his apartment, burned a pile of $100 bills, laughed, ate a big bowl of ice cream because it'd gotten a little too warm, combed his 'fro, watched Cartoon Network, laughed some more, and then called it a day.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Andrew Bynum's life! And, without any real work to do right now, he seems to be loving it.

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[via Busted Coverage]