We feel really, really bad for the Bountiful, Utah family that owned the Mazda that you see in the clip above. They had just sold the car on Wednesday afternoon when the driver of a truck carrying roughly 80,000 pounds to a local golf course on Thursday morning accidentally lost control of the truck, ran over the car and flattened it, and then crashed into the side of the family's home.

But at the same time, the little kid in us thinks it's pretty awesome what that huge truck was able to do to the Mazda. Look at that thing; it's completely flattened! And since no one was injured and the Mazda will likely be covered by an insurance claim—at least, we hope the family had insurance on it!—we'll just sit back in awe at what the truck was able to do to the car. That Mazda just didn't stand a chance, did it?

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[via ABC News]