Some professional sports franchises serve as models for the rest of the business to follow. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs, St. Louis Cardinals, and Baltimore Ravens are run with a top-to-bottom efficiency that pairs success in the actual competition with strong ownership and front office personnel as well. These teams succeed because there is a general air of competence in everything they do, and they manage to correct the little mistakes that can sink organizations into prolonged periods of mediocrity (or worse). These are not those kinds of organizations.

These are the ones that take a look at the mistakes they’ve made in the past, then immediately make the same ones. They spend recklessly, hire a long line of different people trying to fix the same problems, and oftentimes have a difficult go of getting their teams to even mediocre levels. Stupidity often rules the day as these teams continually find new ways to lose and torture their devoted fan bases. These are the 25 Worst Franchises in Sports History.