Preseason is ending and optimism abounds. As of this date, all teams are equal. But that'll last until about 3 p.m. this Sunday when roughly a dozen fanbases will come to the immediate conclusion that this fall is destined to be a bust. We're going to beat you by a whole six days as we strive to save you 16 afternoons better spent mowing the lawn, taking a nap, or staring at a wall. After all, how likely is it that Mark Sanchez will be able to duke it out all season with Tom Brady? Do you really think Jeff Tuel is the answer? Do you even know who Jeff Tuel is? That could be a problem. You may be mad at us now for bursting the bubble you built by ignoring the obvious. But, that extra time on the weekend could (but won't) lead to something special. Who are we kidding? You're just going to watch anyway. But here's 10 Reasons Why Your NFL Team Will Have a Disappointing Season.