They really won't leave Kanye West alone, will they? After several incidents and clearly stating that he didn't want the paparazzi talking to him or anyone that he knows, Kanye's personal space (or what's left of it) was violated again by thirsty photographers trying to get a piece of footage that they could sell for big bucks.

The video below was shot very early in the morning (we're talkin' 4 a.m. early) as Yeezy drove off in his Lamborghini Aventador. Some of Kanye's earlier incidents with these "bullies" seemed a little aggressive on his part from an outsiders perspective, but we can definitely see why he almost flipped out this time. Watch as Kanye loads the front trunk after confronting the eager photogs who try to get a photo of Kim Kardashian as she enters the car, then listen to the loud purr of the Aventador as the couple pulls out of the driveway:

And if you were wondering, Nipsey Hussle and Talib Kweli both support Kanye on this one: 

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