On Tuesday morning, Sports Illustrated released Part 1 of a new five-part investigative report that they just did on the Oklahoma State football program, which is called "The Dirty Game." In Part 1 of the report, SI alleged that OK State boosters have been handing out money to Cowboys players for years now. And as you might expect, the allegations triggered a ton of reactions from former OK State players.

Most of the reactions have been of the "I never received any money from anyone during my time at Oklahoma State" variety. But our favorite one came from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, who kept it 100 with the world earlier today when he admitted that he had never received money at OK State but said that he wished he had.

That kind of honesty leads us to believe that Bryant is telling the truth about his time at OK State (he later deleted the tweet).

Part 2 of the report drops tomorrow. Something tells us that Part 1 was just the beginning of the media shitstorm for OK State…

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[via Black Sports Online]