Like many of the cars the come out of the Ferrari camp, the F40 and the F50 are legends. The F40 moreso, as a large contingent consider it to be one of the best supercars ever made, and the F50 more recently, as people have warmed to the "unique" design." But the thing about legendary cars as they age is that all we can usually do is look at them. Look at them sitting in cages, or in museums, or on lawns, where they're sitting behind roped-off areas. Rarely do we get to see them in action. That's where Chris Harris comes in. 

Like he states at the start of this video, he gets many offers to drive fancy cars, but rarely does he get the chance to drive them the way so many of us have dreamed: on a track, throttle completely on the ground, and sideways. What you have here on this episode of Drive is some of the finest car porn we've seen in months. Check out the Ferraris in all their drifting glory above. 

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[via Drive