It isn’t easy being the son of a celebrity. Comparisons to your father are inescapable, and you're never able to shake your family name and the attention it brings. Every action of yours is magnified, bringing with it way more attention than young people often can handle. This is especially true on the sports field, where the children of well-known figures tend to garner significant media attention even though these kids are just trying to have fun like everyone else.

A select few of these sons, whether rightly or wrongly, excite media and college recruiters alike with their skills on the field. Their fathers’ fame often helps propel them to a level of notoriety they might not otherwise have, and as a result they tend to find themselves even more in the spotlight. Some, like Romeo, prove that they don’t actually have the skills to match their fame. Others, like Cordell Broadus and James Laurinaitis, rise above the noise to achieve big things on the field. These are the Best Athlete Sons of Celebrities.

*Sons of famous pro athletes were excluded. Their genes already put them at an advantage. Word to the Manning brothers.

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