Back in June 2012, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was stabbed during a house party that was held at his home in San Jose, Calif. He only suffered minor injuries as a result of the stabbing. But still, the guy was stabbed! So the situation at the house party clearly could have ended much worse for Smith.

It could have ended like it did for Ronndale Esporlas. He attended the house party at Smith's house and ended up getting shot during it. And now, Smith and his former 49ers teammate Delanie Walker—who currently plays for the Titans—have been named in a lawsuit that was just filed by Esporlas. His reason for naming Smith and Walker in it? He claims that, during the party, Smith and Walker drank a lot of alcohol and used illegal firearms to try and end the party once it got late. Specifically, he says that Smith and Walker took turns firing guns into the air from a balcony at the home to try and break things up. Walker also made his way to the home's driveway when it didn't work to let off a few more shots in an effort to bring the party to a close. And some time during all of that, Esporlas was shot by someone who responded to Smith and Walker firing guns and wounded.

We don't what to say except…what a wild party. From the sound of things, there were lots of guns, knives, and plenty of violence to go around that night. And now, there's a lawsuit because of it. It'll be interesting to see what other details about the party come out in court.

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[via NBC Bay Area]