From saying he's been juicing on the blood of Jesus to he's getting younger in his mind, this offseason has been full of interesting proclamations by Adrian Peterson. So, with the start of another NFL season less than a week away for Peterson, why not one last statement for the road? On SportsCenter's Sunday Night Conversation, AP talked about coming nine yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards. 

“I look back on that play and there’s so many things after the case. I’m like, ‘Man, maybe I should have cut inside or if I would have broke one more tackle I got have gotten that record.’ It was there to take. It just wasn’t meant to happen, so I’m comfortable with that.”

But no more dwelling on the past for Peterson. Instead, he's focused on finishing what he started and that means surpassing Dickerson's single-season mark. 

“I feel like I will definitely break it,” he said. “I’m going after it this year. It’s not my main focus. I put a lot of work in during the offseason. One thing I tell myself is that when I’m done working out, I want to know that no one around the world outworked me. That’s a comforting feeling. So with that, I feel like records will come.”

Considering AP fell only nine yards short of putting his name in the record books, we believe that, given his mentality, preparation and overall skill, Peterson will get that record...eventually. This year? It could happen. All we know is that we've moved dude up on our fantasy football draft board and you should too.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]