To put it simply, Adrian Peterson is a beast. Coming back and having the type of MVP year he had in 2012 is damn near unheard of. That said, he can't outrun father time...or can he?

Peterson is currently nearing that big 3-0, which is an age a lot of running backs show their wear. LaDainian Tomlinson is a huge example of that wall. After being the most dominant offensive force in the NFL in his late 20s, Tomlinson rushed for just 730 yards and got released by the Chargers right after.

Peterson isn't worried about Tomlinson or the clock on his career. He undoubtedly has a strong mind, and that mind is telling him he's actually getting younger according to an interview he had with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

I feel like me not realizing that helps me. Me not thinking about, ‘Well, my clock is starting to tick, getting older and older.’ That’s not doing nothing but hurting me. So I’m thinking in my mind that each year I’m getting younger. Any way I can look at it with the most positive view that’s going to help me, that’s the way I’m looking at it.

If he keeps up this level of production, Peterson does have a shot at beating Emmitt Smith's record for all-time rushing yards (18,355). Peterson, who's currently 28, currently has 8,849 yards total in his career. If he wants to retire by the time he's 35, he'll need to average roughly at least 1,350 yards per season. Assuming he kills it again next season and stays healthy, that should be far from impossible.

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[via Pro Football Talk]