With PED users constantly making the headlines (it is baseball season after all), you always need that one athlete to remind you straight hard work really can guide you to greatness. Adrian Peterson is that guy a lot of little league coach is happy exists. They have to filter things like his arrest in Houston and his stance on gay marriage, but it's a small price for using his comeback from his ACL injury as a source of inspiration for the young ones.

The world is cynical, though. There has to be something Adrian Peterson uses to gain an edge against the competition, right? The values of hard work simply isn't that great of a story nowadays. To make things interesting, Peterson did reveal what he's been juicing on: the blood of Jesus. He made the not-all-that-shocking revelation to The Score.

I think the one thing I'll always remember from the field last year happened in Detroit, early in the season. One of the linebackers came up to me—I don't want to say who it was—and he said, 'Adrian, what are you taking? What juice you using? I gotta get me some of that.' I said, 'I'm juicing on the blood of Jesus. Faith is what got me to to this point.' So the Lions came to Minnesota later in the season. That same linebacker came to me and said: 'I appreciate you saying that. You opened my eyes.' That was pretty cool."

It's a pretty cool anectdote. It's slightly interesting that the blood of Jesus/Jesus Juice (wine) did come up again recently. A$AP Ferg does say on "Hoop Pope" he's "sipping Jesus Juice." Not only does he have credibility because he's the Hood Pope; the song is on one of the better albums of the year. Perhaps wine is the key to success?

We kid, we kid. If Peterson's motivation allows him to have another spectacular season like last year's, then fans of football ought to be all for it. Cynic or not.

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 [via The Score]