The woman that you see in the video above was arrested in Milwaukee, Wis. recently for breaking all kinds of laws on her motorcycle during a joyride down the I-43 highway. So what exactly did she do to draw the attention of the police?

For starters, the woman was driving erratically. Really, really erratically. She was randomly slowing down to yell at other drivers on I-43 and then speeding up once they looked over at her. She was also driving without using her hands for long stretches of time. And did we mention that she wasn't wearing a shirt while she was doing these things? Well, she was technically wearing a shirt. But it didn't really cover anything, so the woman was basically riding around with her breasts out.

Police pursued her and asked her to pull over. She ignored them and kept on driving. But she eventually crashed her motorcycle in the middle of the highway and was placed under arrest. She was found to be under the influence of prescription drugs (you don't say?!) and was hit with a DWI charge for going on her ridiculous joyride. Fortunately, no one else was involved in her crash and there were no other reported injuries.

The lesson here: Don't do drugs, kids. Don't do drugs.

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[via Auto Evolution]