Sport: Soccer
Team: Bayern Munich
Hateful lowlight: His World Cup Final performance against Spain: He missed the two best chances of the game for Holland and repeatedly dove en route to a Spanish victory.

In a nutshell, Arjen Robben is what every American hates about soccer. He dives whenever the opportunity arises, fakes injuries, makes a meal of every foul, whines to referees, and pouts when he doesn't get his way. One of his more iconic moments involved Liverpool goalie Pepe Reina. While playing for Chelsea, Robben had his hand shoved in his face by Reina, and then theatrically fell down, resulting in a red card for Reina. After the match, Reina said that Robben "did well enough to win an Oscar," and Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez joked that he "would soon be going to hospital to check on Robben's condition." Reina's red card was rescinded upon further investigation, and the show Everybody Hates Chris was cancelled in favor of Everybody Hates Arjen.