Soccer, perhaps more than any other sport, has seen its share of remarkably volatile personalities. From Diego Maradona to Eric Cantona, there's something about being a soccer superstar—usually an attacker—in the spotlight that can lead to stories you would need to read to believe. The mentality that attackers want to attack the metaphorical publicity train off the pitch is all too prevalent with arguably the game's most notorious renegade personality, Mario Balotelli. With his time in England now behind him, Balotelli looks forward to his new challenge with AC Milan. We've taken this opportunity to look back at some of the more controversial moments of the young Italian's career, so far. It's a celebration, bitches. So light some fireworks (literally) as we take a look back at the Complete History of Mario Balotelli's Shenanigans. 

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)