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Well, that didn't take long. Just a couple of hours after his brother Marcus put a bounty on Riley Cooper's head, Michael Vick has already come out and announced that the Eagles have offered their wide receiver forgiveness. Outside of the team's facility in Philadelphia, Vick—who is no stranger to seeking forgiveness—told the media that the team will rally around Cooper, despite the comments he made in a video that was leaked earlier today.

"He apologized for what he did," Vick said, "and as a team we understood. We all make mistakes in life and we all do and say things that maybe we do mean or we don't mean. But as a teammate, I forgave him…I just spoke to Riley inside the bubble [the Eagles' practice facility] during the walk-through for about 15 minutes. [Coach Chip Kelly] allowed me to say a few words to the team. He allowed all of us to have open dialogue for five minutes on how we wanted to move forward. I think we cleared the air."

Vick also told the media that he does not agree with what his brother said on Twitter.

"I don't agree with what my brother's saying," he said. "Riley's still my teammate. He just stood in front of us as a man and apologized for what he said. Somewhere deep down you've got to find some level of respect for that…My brother has to not show a certain level of ignorance himself."

Thoughts? We're sure this is going to be a super hot-button issue for the next few days. And we're sure this isn't the last we'll hear Vick talking about Cooper.

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