Do you follow Jay Bilas on Twitter? If not, you definitely should. Every morning he drops a Young Jeezy lyric on the world before going about his day. So if for no other reason, he's worth a follow for that.

But earlier today, Bilas gave us another reason to follow him closely. For a long time now, he's been an outspoken critic of the NCAA and their unfair treatment of student-athletes. And he kept that criticism going when he took to his Twitter account to point out how the NCAA uses student-athletes to make money. Specifically, he pointed out how, if you search for a college athlete on, his or her jersey comes up and is for sale—even though the jersey does not say his or her name on it and even though he or she doesn't see a dime from the sales of jerseys.

Here were a few of his tweets from today:

And what did he accomplish? Well, he got to send out this tweet:

He also got to send this tweet:

But in the end, the real win came when the NCAA disabled the search feature on We're not sure how long they'll keep it that way or what changes will come about because of Bilas. But you can't fault the guy for trying to instill some change. The NCAA could sure use it. And from where we're sitting, Bilas is doing his best to bring it.

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[via College Basketball Talk]