San Francisco

The most iconic of all '90's street spots may be Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco, better known as simlpy EMB. This brick plaza was surrounded by stairs, ledges, stages, and a cement curve known as The Wave. It was the epicenter of the San Francisco skate scene. EMB—Embarcadero's Most Blunted—was actually the name of a crew of well known skaters lead by James Kelch. The Gonz Gap was a gap at EMB that Mark Gonzalez first ollied in 1986, then kickflipped in 1993. Later, many other tricks went down on the gap including a backside heelflip by Gino Iannucci. Danny Gonzalez can lay claim to the final Gonz Gap trick with a kickflip melon over the gap and a fence right before the plaza's destruction in 2000. Mike Carroll's last line in his Goldfish part gives us a good sense of what the scene must have been like at the height of EMB's popularity.

Best TrickMark Gonzalez, Kickflip