Long Beach, Calif.

When LA skaters needed a ledge spot that wasn't made of fiberglass they headed to the Belmont Benches. Two long, low, concrete benches sat shaded by the Belmont Plaza Pool faculty. Their slanted backs with planters on top made them unique and easily identifiable in video. It was mostly a line spot for LA's ledge technicians, but a few notable single tricks went down before the spot got shut down. Eric Koston ended off his Mouse part with a kickflip backside nosegrind, nollie heel backside nosegrind, and, finally, a switch kickflip frontside crooked grind. Anthony Van Engelen went the considerable length of the whole bench with a switch backside nosegrind in his Rookie segment in Best Of 411VM #5. Today, most of the benches have been removed.

Best TrickEric Koston, Switch kickflip frontside crooked grind