Listening to WWE announcer Jim Ross's impassioned calls and over the top enthusiasm for wrestling definitely got us into the sport as adolescents. This is a man who loves to watch behemoths in tights grapple one another in scripted mayhem. That's great because we prefer our announcers asylum-level crazy. It's why we endorse Gus Johnson's authentic unrestrained enthusiasm over Joe Buck's periodic Xanax lapses.          

When JR went bananas during an infamous Hell in a Cell match between Mankind and The Undertaker it burned itself into our young WWE loving brains. Apparently, it had the same effect upon many a wrestling obsessed YouTuber because the uploading site is full of ridiculously dubbed parodies (some great, some not). 

Wrestling doesn't survive without charisma, and JR oozes it. We're not sure whether to hate the Internet or love it for this trend but we do appreciate the homage paid to Ross's most iconic call. We collect and present our favorites with the 15 Greatest Jim Ross Dubs on YouTube.

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