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Unfortunately, the video above is pretty grainy and looks like it was shot from the nosebleeds at the King-Drew Magnet High School in Los Angeles where the Drew League takes place. But if you look closely, you can see two players going at it in the clip after one of the players appears to slap the other one. And according to Danny Savitzky, a writer for Los Angeles magazine, the player who got slapped at the Drew League last night and then lost his cool was none other than Brandon Jennings. Here's the tweet Savitzky sent out shortly after it happened:

As we said, the video evidence is pretty weak, and the person who shot it didn't let the action play out. But according to what we've seen on Twitter, Jennings' Drew League teammates did hold him back after a guy named Mike Taylor slapped him before cooler heads eventually prevailed. It's a good thing that this situation didn't escalate into something much, much worse.

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[via Danny Savitzky]