A couple of Pennsylvania teenagers were helping an old lady move a couch when they heard about a missing girl. Temar Boggs, 15, and his friend Chris Garcia decided to continue their day of selfless service and search for the five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas. While riding their bikes, Boggs just so happened to spot Rojas in a suspicous car. The two teens chased the car for 15 minutes, before the kidnapper finally let her out and took off. She ran to Boggs and said, "I need to see my mommy."

Police have yet to find the kidnapper, but Rojas' family are just happy to have her back. "[They] were just saying that I was a hero, that I was a guardian angel and that it was amazing that I was there and was able to find the girl," Boggs said. "I'm just a normal person who did a thing that anybody else would do." 

We're not sure if that's true. Not everyone would drop what they're doing to help, let alone every teenager. Our hats are off to these young heros. We can't encourage somebody to buy them a beer, considering how young they are, so how about a Boylan's instead?

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[via Gawker