One minute, an athlete can have it all. The money, the fame, the girlseverything. The next minute, it can all be gone after a robbery attempt goes horribly wrong, the same fans that worship your existence turn their back on you, or the woman you consider close to you turns homicidal. It's a harsh reality that Andres Escobar faced 19 years ago. As a member of Colombia's 1994 World Cup team, Escobar gave up an own goal that essentially cost his country an opportunity at hoisting the World Cup trophy. Upon returning to his home country, Escobar was shot multiple times and killed because of his mistake on the pitch.

Of course, not every player's sudden death is as vindictive. So, on the anniversary of Escobar's untimely and unwarranted death, we take a look at the other people in sports, like Sean Taylor to Steve McNair, who suffered their horrific demise at the hands of another individual or individuals, here is A History of Murdered Athletes