Less than a week ago, Cardinals' 29-year-old rookie Robert Gill burst onto the scene, thanks to a video of himself running 25 MPH on a treadmill. It was impressive feat, to say the least. But, his accomplishment was a short-lived one after unemployed, 35-year-old wide receiver Chad Johnson raised the bar, literally and figuratively.

In the above video, Johnson runs 24 MPH on a treadmill, but adds an additional challenge with 2.5 percent incline. And don't give us the whole "someone was holding his back" argument because you know that if Chad slipped up even in the slightest, that hand wasn't going to do a damn thing. 

So...who's going to be the one to set that treadmill at 26 MPH? And who's going to be the one to record it when someone horribly busts their ass? While we love a good laugh, we gotta say, please kids, don't try this at your local gym, home, anywhere! 

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[via The Big Lead]