When Tony Hawk received his very first skateboard from his older brother back in 1977, he probably didn't think it would be displayed at the Smithsonian one day. But as of this weekend, Hawk's first board will officially be a part of history. As we told you recently, the skateboard—a Bahne board that was originally released back in 1975—will become a part of the Smithsonian's Division of Culture and the Arts during an event called Innoskate tomorrow. And he talked about the honor earlier this week.

"I remember trying it for the first time in our driveway," Hawk said. "My brother had gotten a new skateboard, so his old one was near the garage. I picked it up and started riding, having no idea how to turn. I went to the end of the alley, ran into a fence, and then picked it up and turned it around. My brother was laughing that I couldn't figure out how to turn…Somehow I managed to hold on to it through all the years, though…I am happy to give it to the Smithsonian, but I had to get my brother's blessing first. He told me, 'That's where I think it belongs.' So he is coming with me to share the honor."

While discussing the board, Hawk also admitted that he's a little bit shocked about just how far the sport of skateboarding as a whole has come.

"I can't believe skateboarding has come this far," he said, "or that an esteemed museum would even be interested in my skateboard. It is truly a new era."

It sure is. Who would have thought Hawk would take it this far?

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[via ESPN]