ESPN is reporting that a third suspect has been arrested in the murder case of Odin Lloyd. On Friday afternoon, Ernest Wallace walked into the Miramar Police Department, according to Massachusetts State Police, after he claimed to see the news stating that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Wallace's warrant stems from a recovered car that is linked back to him. He is being charged with acting as an accessory to murder in the Lloyd case.

As of right now, Aaron Hernandez, who was charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday, Carlos Ortiz, who has been charged with being a fugitive from justice, and now Wallace.   

In prosecution's side of the story, Hernandez "texted two unidentified friends and asked them to hurry to Massachusetts from Connecticut" on June 16, the night before the death of Lloyd and a few minutes before the former NFL tight end contacted Lloyd in an attempt to meet up. 

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[via ESPN Boston]