Career stats: 17.8 PPG 3.9 RPG 3.0 APG
Career accomplishments: 8x All-Star, 7x All-NBA, 4x Champion, Member of the Hall of Fame
Team(s): Capitols, Celtics

Sharman was one of the best shooters of his generation and helped the Celtics win four titles. He was Jerry West before Jerry West. In fact, during Sharman's final year, a rookie West hit seven straight jumpers over Bill and on the eighth attempt Sharman took a swing at him. In short, Bill was one tough S.O.B. He was also one of the first guards to eclipse 40 percent from the field in a season and is the only coach to win championships in three American pro leagues—he was the head coach of the 69-13 '72 Lakers, helping Jerry West win his only ring.