GM told Cadillac to put reigning luxury king BMW in its sights when designing new cars a few years ago, and the old American company has done a surprisingly good job of creating cars that can stand up to Germany's finest. Back in the day Cadillac competed with Rolls-Royce and Delahaye.

In order to keep the pressure on, Cadillac has to provide not just luxurious cars, but also sporty ones. Even the big Caddy has to be able to carve a corner or two and beat the other middle-aged execs at the stop lights, seeing as the BMW 7-Series is more than capable. To this end, Cadillac is introducing a new twin-turbo V6 to the XTS. 

The new powerplant offers 410 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque and will be offered as a part of a new Vsport model that will also include 20" wheels, a unique grille, and a mouth big enough to take $63,020 bite out of your bank account.

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[via Cadillac