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Rolls-Royce has been, for years, thinking of making a massive SUV for people too ballin' for a Range Rover, while saying there isn't going to be an SUV. Now we have a bit more information regarding what is going on in Rolls' gilded halls (we're assuming there are gilded halls).

Building the theoretical SUV on the Phantom platform was considered, but it wouldn't be perfect, and the cost of that platform would necessitate charging about $400,000, which would put the car far above the price of its competitors from Bentley and Lamborghini. Alternatively, it could be based on the BMW X5/X6, but this platform would have to be stretched significantly, but that also wouldn't deliver the kind of experience the Rolls-Royce badge calls for.

The similarly oft-rumored and oft-denied BMW X7 would be a prime candidate. If the X7 hits production, it will be a hulking behemoth with seven seats and 21" wheels, and if the X7 does well in the market, it will spawn an equally massive four seat Rolls-Royce.

Only time and the spending habits of the rich will tell.

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[via Automobile