One of the most ridiculous arguments that has ever been used against Miami and the "Big Three" movement is that it has a negative effect on the league as a whole. This couldn't be further from the truth. Since they joined forces in South Beach, the NBA has been far more interesting and teams across the league have become more competitive by trying to keep up and forming teams to beat them. Ratings for the LeBron-led Cavs vs. Spurs Finals series back in 2007 had a Nielson rating of 6.2 (a record low for the NBA Finals). The last two Finals featuring the Heat have put up ratings of 10.2 and 10.1, respectively. The only Finals not hosted by the Lakers that have garnered ratings 10+ since 2000 have featured Miami. 

There's been more drama and storylines that have truly made the NBA worthwhile again and you have to give the nod to Miami for ushering in this new era.