St. Paul, Minn. resident Jim Engelking just received an early Father's Day present from his daughter Katie. Recently, thieves broke into his home and made off with a number of items, including a laptop, jewelry, beer, and jellybeans (WTF?). And they also took one of his most prized possessions before they left—his red 1998 Volvo. But they didn't have it for very long courtesy of Katie's quick thinking.

A short time after the car was stolen, Engelking's daughter, who is studying abroad in Belgium right now, saw a photo of a red Volvo pop up on her Facebook feed. Someone snapped the shot of the car and posted a comment about how poorly it was parked outside of a Goodwill store in St. Paul. Katie thought the Volvo looked familiar, so she texted her parents to ask if it was the one that had been stolen from her father. And sure enough, it was. Her father called the cops, and it turned out to be his Volvo that was parked nearby. And not only that, but it also seems that the thieves who took it had just had it cleaned and vacuumed, too, which made him finding the car at that exact moment even more amazing.

"I think the best part of it is, I don't have to get him a Father's Day gift now," Katie said after making the find, "since I probably saved him a couple thousand dollars on buying a new car."

Very true. The red Volvo should be more than enough to keep dad happy this year.

[via New York Daily News]

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