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We've seen and heard about some pretty insane incidents involving road rage over the years. But we've never seen or heard about one quite as insane as this.

Late last week, a man pulled up to a car full of teenagers in Daytona Beach, Fla. and started yelling at them and alleging that they had made a racial remark towards him. Then, he apparently decided that simply yelling at the teens wasn't enough. So he jumped out of his car, opened the passenger side door of the teens' car, and reportedly yelled, "I just did 15 years in prison, you want a pistol in your mouth?" At that point, the driver of the car hit the gas and started to speed away. And that's when the man did something really crazy. He picked up an ax from his car, threw it at the teens' vehicle, and shattered the back window of the car.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the road rage incident. But the man who threw the ax has not been captured yet. Hopefully police are able to bring him in for questioning soon to determine exactly what led to him being involved in one of the craziest fits of road rage ever.

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[via WFTV]