Last month, David Beckham announced that he was retiring from the game of soccer. But did you know that he almost ended up retiring late last year and taking on a new sport?

According to the Daily Mirror, Becks was thisclose to accepting a tryout from an NFL team in late 2012. A scout for the NFL team thought that, if Beckham was thinking about retiring from soccer after his stint with the L.A. Galaxy ended, he might have a future in the NFL. So he reached out to Beckham's camp to see if the soccer superstar would be interested in becoming a NFL kicker.

"A couple of scouts felt that David has the potential to become a kicker in the NFL," a source told the Mirror, "and one actually put a call into him for a [tryout]."

Becks politely declined the request at the time and reportedly said that the NFL "wasn't right for him." But now that he's done playing on the pitch, could an NFL football field be in his future? Eh, don't hold your breath. Becks is, after all, interested in owning an MLS team someday, which is something that we think would take up most of his time. But if he ever does decide that he wants to play football, we're sure the offer will still be open.

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