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David Beckham might be headed back to Major League Soccer! Before you get too excited, though, know this: He won't be playing in MLS again. Rather, he's reportedly looking into possibly owning a new MLS team sometime in the near future. Nothing is set in stone yet—in fact, it sounds like this is more or less still just an idea at this stage of the game—but MLS has confirmed that they have had preliminary discussions with Becks' camp about bringing him back into the league as an owner.

"There have been discussions with his advisors, his management, preliminary discussions," MLS executive vice-president of communications Dan Courtemanche revealed earlier today.

So will it happen? Stay tuned. It could be a year or two before Becks and MLS ultimately make a decision. But at some point, it sounds like the former LA Galaxy star might be making his return to the league. Fingers crossed, MLS fans!

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