David Beckham has recorded a record 115 England caps, and is the only British player to win titles in four different countries. He has scored 129 club goals, is a six-time Premier League winner, and received a Champions League medal in 1999. Over 20 illustrious years later, the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and England winger has decided to call it quits. The news comes on the heels of his most recent success, capturing a Ligue One title with PSG.

Throughout his career Beckham has dazzled the world, slamming home free kicks and sinking dreams from Manchester to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. His storied career coming to an end should not be cause for tears or sadness, it should simply be a time to honor a legend and think back on his memorable moments. So grab a tissue, dry your eyes, and check out 15 Amazing Things David Beckham Did With Balls.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)

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