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Do you like electric cars? Better yet, do you love electric cars? Well, no matter how much you love them, there's no way you love them more than 60-year-old car salesman Paul Scott. He just took $32,000 out of his retirement fund in order to attend a fundraiser for President Barack Obama next week where he will have about two minutes to speak to the Commander-in-chief privately about electric cars. He only makes $50,000 per year selling Nissans. But Scott says he feels so passionately about electric cars that he wants to talk to President Obama about how he should throw more support behind them.

"I figured what the hell," he told USA Today recently, while revealing that he plans on asking the President to impose a "carbon tax" that would make regular fuels more expensive and electric cars more competitive. "I'll go tell him to his face."

Will it pay off? Eh, we doubt it. But there are worse ways to blow your retirement fund. So we've gotta give it up to Scott for using his to try and make a difference in the world.

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