At this point, if it turns out Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez wasn't involved in the murder that police are currently investigating in North Attleborough, Mass., we will be shocked. Because although he hasn't been arrested or charged with any crime yet (some reports out there, including one from Sports Illustrated, say he may be arrested soon), Hernandez has reportedly done a number of really suspicious things this week. Like what? Here are just a few examples:

  • When police initially tried to question Hernandez about the death of Odin Lloyd—a semi-pro football player who is reportedly the boyfriend of his girlfriend's sister—on Tuesday, he refused to cooperate.
  • When police arrived at Hernandez's home in North Attleborough to search the premises on Tuesday, two of Hernandez's friends were at the home at the time and attempted to leave before police stopped them.
  • Before police connected Hernandez to the murder as a result of them finding a rental car registered to him near the crime scene, Hernandez reportedly hired a cleaning crew to scrub his home on Monday.
  • Police have reportedly found a tape of Lloyd and Hernandez at a Boston area nightclub last Friday night.
  • Police have reason to believe that Hernandez intentionally destroyed his home security system before they searched his home for the first time on Tuesday.
  • A cell phone that Hernandez gave his attorneys to hand over to police recently was reportedly "in pieces" when it was given to investigators in the case.

Police sources have repeatedly said that Hernandez is not a suspect in the case at this point. But they have also said that "he has not been ruled out" as a suspect. It feels like there's going to be some kind of break in the case soon, though, so stay tuned. Something just doesn't feel right here, does it?

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[via ABC News]