There's something in the hip-hop Instagram community that's really been grinding our gears (every bit of that pun intended). As we've proven, rappers provide some pretty great windows for viewing some of our favorite supercars. Bentley, Ferraris, Lambos, Rolls-Royces and more are all found front and center in rapper garages. We often get to see the customization processes, we see what types of drivers they are, and we can see what they actually use their expensive rides for. That's all great. We love that about Instagram, and it's a perfect promotion for why Instgram was created. However, with the good comes the deplteted-brake-pad-squeak horrible. 

Some people might not understand this or appreciate our sentiment toward the cars, but every time we see a rapper sitting on top of a car that costs $100-, $200-, $300-thousand cars, we can't help but wince. Whether it's damaging the suspension (ahemrickrosscough ((not actually screwing up the suspension, but you get the joke))) or putting some unnecessary stress on the sheet metal, sitting on a car is never good for it, especially if you're wearing pants with chains, buttons, or studs on them. We've created this gallery as an education lesson on what not to do. So, grab a notebook and takes some notes on how you should never treat your ride. 

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