Date: May 18-June 2, 1996
Teams and result: Seattle Supersonics over Utah Jazz in seven games.

This was basically the Reign Man and the Glove versus The Mailman and John Stockton fighting for a chance to get their asses kicked by the 72-win Bulls. After Seattle won a tight Game 4 88-86 to take a 3-1 lead, the Jazz fought back and won the next two ballgames (smoking the Sonics 118-83 in Game 6) to even it up.

That set the stage for a climactic Game 7 that surely got some nerves frazzled in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle came back, played well and pulled away late to prevail 90-86. Don't fret Utah fans, it was just a year early, you would eventually get your chance to lose to Michael and Scottie (two times).