Philadelphia Eagles fans have had a long, tumultuous relationship with Donovan McNabb. And this fall, that relationship will officially come to an end. Yesterday, the former No. 2 overall draft pick of the Eagles announced that he will return to the City of Brotherly Love this September and retire as an Eagle.

"I will retire as an Eagle and I look forward to that opportunity and that day," he said on ESPN Radio 97.7 FM in Syracuse. "I have nothing but love for the Philly fans, even the ones who were highly criticizing me or opinionated in any way. I can't get upset at them because my job is to get out on the field and be productive. That's what quarterbacking is all about."

So when will the Eagles hold McNabb's official retirement party? It's still up in the air. But one date that has been put on the table is September 19—the same day that former Eagles head coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs come to town for a Thursday night game. Oh, now that would be interesting. We can already hear the Philly fans booing now.

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[via ESPN]